Network Goals

The Iberoamerican Network of Mentoring seeks to enhance the quality research and intervention on mentoring and dissemination of these results.

Trabajo en equipo

Other specific objectives of the network are:

  • Create a virtual environment that fosters collaboration, as well as promoting management activities related to the development of mentoring actions.
  • Promote and increase the synergy between research groups, academics and public and private organizations interested in the implementation, development and optimization of mentoring programs.
  • Create working groups that collaborate on network for effectiveness and efficiency in the implementation process of mentoring.
  • Encourage innovation and continuous improvement in the field of mentoring.
  • Create and share assessment tools and monitoring processes in mentoring and the agents involved in them, gathering information of the common issues in the mentoring programms.
  • Promote quality training for agents involved in mentoring programs, whether in work coordination, supervision or direct mentoring.
  • Search formulas to demonstrate the skills and competencies of agents working in mentoring environments.
  • Promote the institutionalization by incorporating mentoring to the institutional improvement plans.