Mentoring Process

Mentoring is a relationship between a more experienced person (the mentor), who accompanies another person with less experience (Telemachus), and helps them to adapt to a new environment.

In universities, the most common mentoring programs exist between equals, as a strategy orientation in which senior students, more experienced, help new students to adapt more quickly and effectively to the university, under the supervision of the mentoring tutor.

The mentor provides support, guidance and feedback regarding career plans and personal development of its "Telemachus" which receives the action of mentoring, which involves:

  • Intensive personal exchange. In the process of mentoring a series of meetings between mentor and mentee/s they are held, in which different topics of interest for the academic development of the mentee are exposed.
  • It provides support, guidance and feedback. Mentoring is a personalized process of aid, it is a relationship between a more experienced person, a student of upper course, which has already gone through a similar situation of the mentee, a new-intake student.
  • Mentoring and personal development. The mentee is a student with who need to learn how to develop their capabilities to better exploit the opportunities offered by their environment and subsequently achieve their employability.

In any Mentoring program must be clear criteria for evaluation. That allows to see the evolution of the process in certain time of implementation of the program.