Iberoamerican Network of Mentoring

The Iberoamerican Network of Mentoring (RIME) arises in response to a need expressed by the Latin American community to have a space for communication between different education and training professionals interested in mentoring programs and how to implement them in their universities. This need is expressed, on the one hand, while performing a series of courses of Introduction to Mentoring Programs taught in the GUIA Project (www.alfaguia.org), by professors Ana M. Calles, Miguel A. Aurelio and Carmen Sanchez, where each new call far exceeded the number of places available, so they had to create several parallel groups to respond to this demand. The mentoring was offered as a highly effective tool to reduce dropout rates and to facilitate the integration of new students.

It is following the III Latin American Conference on Abandonment in Higher Education (III clabes), when the name was coined RIME, in a meeting with concerned professionals who participated in the workshops of mentoring. From that moment on, a boost was given and the network was officially created, in addition to creating a web space and inviting professionals to participate through email and in the celebration of IV clabes.