Founding Members

Carmen Sánchez Ávila

carmenUniversity professor in the Department of Applied Mathematics of Information Technology and Communications at the Polytechnic University of Madrid. PhD in Mathematics by the Polytechnic University of Madrid since 1993. Her research interests focus on: Biometrics, Cryptography and systems accompanying the student, Mentoring and Coaching.

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Jesús Arriaga García de Andoaín


Telecommunications Engineer and PhD in Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Madrid since 1996. Lecturer in Electronics Technology for 32 years, he is a Professor of University School and member of the Department of Electronic Systems and Control at UPM.

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Miguel A. Alonso

Associate Professor at the Department of Differential Psychology and Work Psychology at the Faculty of Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid. Experience over twenty years in areas related to Work Psychology and Human Resources: Implementation of Development Programs, Labor Market Orientation, Potential Assessment, Selection and Training of Personnel.
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Ana Mª Calles Doñate


PhD in Psychology. Professor of the Department of Differential and Work Psychology  in the Faculty of Psychology at the Complutense University of Madrid. Director of the Master in industrial and organizational psychology and Human Resources Management.

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Mª José Melcón de Giles

mariajoseProfessor of the School of Telecommunications Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Madrid, teaches in the degrees in Engineering Technology and Telecommunication Services, Biomedical Engineering and Materials Engineering.
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